Shipping information

●Place of shipment
・The place of shipment will differ by item. Please check the place from which each of your items will be shipped.
・All of the places of shipment are BROOK’S group companies.

●List of places of shipment
KOSYUEN Ota Market (Ota-ward, Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market)
KOSYUEN Tsukiji Market (Chuo-ward, Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market)
KOSYUEN Kawasaki Hokubu Market (Kanagawa prefecture, Kawasaki Central Wholesale Market)
BROOK’S Nakai Distribution Center (Kanagawa prefecture, Ashigara-kami-gun)

●Ordering multiple items
・Some items from the Japanese Food category can be shipped together in one delivery.

Your orders may be divided in multiple shipments in the following case:
・When shipped from different places.
・When orders include items other than Japanese Food, and are shipped from the Nakai Distribution Center.
・When orders exceed the capacity of one box in terms of size and weight.
・When items are not eligible for combined delivery.

The number of boxes will be displayed on the screen while you shop.
Please confirm the method of shipping when placing your order.
For details of our shipping methods, please see:

Please note that some of your items may require additional delivery time depending on the place of shipment or our stock status. In case we are out of stock, we will notify you in advance.

●Shipping confirmation email
After your order has been shipped out, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing the tracking number for each box shipped from each place of shipment.

About our products

・We are mainly handling Japanese Food used in Japanese cooking.
・Other than BROOK’S and KOSYUEN, we also offer items from other Japanese manufacturers.

Order confirmation for Japanese food

・After you place your order, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email.
・When you place multiple orders, you will receive a confirmation email for each box shipped and for each place of shipment.