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Happy Daily Set+2 Assort Japanese Snacks Set

Selected snacks that suit with coffee


3 Assorted Okara Karinto Set

3 assort of healthy and nutritious Okara Karinto


3 Assorted Selective Japanese Food Set

Selected 3 popular food products in Japan


Black Rice Rusk Set

4 assorted rusk with nutrient-rich 'Shiho' rice


Nuka Bijin Rice Bran Powder for Pickles

Just 90 min to enjoy Japanese Nukazuke pickles. Quick, easy and fuss-free!

175g 840JPY~

Nuka Bijin Rice Bran Powder for Pickles Individual Bags

Just 90 min! Quick, easy and fuss-free pickled Nukazuke! Indivudual bags!

25g x 7bags 700JPY~

6 Assort of Japanese Food Set

Popular foods directly from Japan! Try Japanese local foods!


Japanese Green Tea Set + 2 Assort Japanese Senbei Crackers

Selected Japanese senbei crackers that match with Japanese Green Tea


European Blend Coffee + Made in Japan Snack Set

Enjoy varieties of 4 assorted snacks with European Blend!


3 Assorted Bean Snacks

Try the unique crispy bean snacks. It is perfect with tea, coffee, and beer!


Shonan Sweets

Assort of 3 sweets from Shonan, Kanagawa, a popular spot among foreign visitors


Shio-koji Doughnuts

Soft and moist. Try the new fusion of classic doughnuts with shio-koji.

8 pieces 1,410JPY~

OUGON NO KINAKODAIZU - Goldish Kinako Soybeans

A protein rich natural snack with kinako and soybeans.

185g 1,380JPY~

Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g (64-4498)

Healthy & easy-to-prepare soba for lunches and dinners!

200g 149JPY~

Nichifuri Furikake (Rice Seasoning) 500g (65-1500)

Furikake is a Japanese seasoning typically sprinkled over rice, pasta and more!

500g 950JPY~

House Oroshi Nama Wasabi Paste 43g (63-5150)

Spice up various meat recipes, salad dressings and pasta with Wasabi!

43g 100JPY~

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) set

Enjoy Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima-style) party with your family and friends

1700g 3,000JPY~

Cooked white rice by Sato Foods (3 Packs) (64-6500)

Simply heat and serve! Enjoy premium quality Koshihikari rice in 2 min.

600g (200g x 3 servings) 432JPY~

House Foods Vermont Curry 230g Hot(61-7100)

Curry sauce mix (hot) with a touch of apple and honey

230g 360JPY~

Nagatanien Matsutake-no Aji Osuimono 2.3g 50pcs (62-6921)

A popular instant soup with a hint of Matsutake mushroom.

50pcs 510JPY~

Ajinomoto Hondashi 120g (62-5167)

Fish (Bonito) soup stock with rich flavour

120g 360JPY~

Komachi-Fu 40g(65-5030)

Traditional Japanese food high in protein

40g 144JPY~

Miyata Kuruma-Fu 11pcs (65-5050)

Hand-baked natural protein food. Add to various soup recipes.

11pcs 180JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Dashi stock pack

A simple way to make Japanese dashi stock.

300g 960JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Bonito Pack

Packed per serving and convenient for use.

100g 900JPY~

Premium Hanakatsuo

Premium grade Hanakatsuo(shaved bonito flakes) with rich flavour and aroma.

200g 1,540JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Dried Roasted Seaweed for Rice ball

Conveniently cut into Onigiri (rice-ball) size!

50 sheets 600JPY~

Nori-Doraku,  Roasted Seasoned Seaweed

Soy-sauce based salty seaweeds with an irresistible sweet taste!

5 strips per pack x 100 1,610JPY~

Ma-Kombu Value Pack

Recommended for dishes cooked in dashi with delicate and rich umami flavour.

150g 1,410JPY~

[First-Grade]Hidaka Kombu

Kombu, used to make savoury stock, is also delicious when softened by simmering

200g 2,010JPY~

[First Grade]Rishiri Kombu

Recommended for dishes cooked in dashi with delicate and rich umami flavour.

170g 2,523JPY~

Shiitake Mushrooms Donko from Kyushu

Savour rich aroma and succulent chewy texture of plump Shiitake Mushrooms

75g 973JPY~

Wasabi Soybeans

Crunchy roasted soybeans with a flavourful hit of hot wasabi.

190g 401JPY~

B-JELLY 7pcs

The beauty support for busy people!

140g (20 g X 7 sticks) 980JPY~

B-JELLY 30pcs

The beauty support for busy people!

600g (20 g X 30 sticks) 3,980JPY~