In the case of discrepancy between English text and original Japanese text of this agreement, the Japanese text shall prevail.
BROOK’S coffee Global Market agreement for use of the service
BROOK’S Co., Ltd. (henceforth "BROOK’S") sells by mail order the goods carried to BROOK’S coffee Global Market to customer according to the conditions of this use agreement (henceforth "this service").
The person using this service (henceforth a "user") needs to use this service, after that you often reads and accepts in advance this use agreement about the contents of use of this service.
In addition, this agreement is applied only to use of BROOK’S coffee Global Market.
1.User registration
(1) In the use of this service, please follow a procedure for the user registration according to the procedure that BROOK’S provides.
When you register, please input user's name, address, telephone number, and mail address, etc.
(2) We will issue the customer code to the user who is registered.
(1) For the application of goods purchase (henceforth a "order"), user input order contents into the web page where BROOK’S specifies separately, and it is performed by the method of transmitting to BROOK’S by Internet on-line.
(2) Order is performed when user inputs information including customer code, goods to order, credit card number, etc. (henceforth "order information"). Procedure after order is performed based on the order information transmitted to BROOK’S. Please input exact information and affirmation of order contents. When a mistake exists in the order information transmitted to BROOK’S, BROOK’S cannot embrace any proposals of a user except for the case where it should impute responsibility to BROOK’S. Please consent beforehand.
(3) The goods price becomes the price displayed in Japanese Yen by each article at its transaction.
3.The approval of sales contract
(1) The sales contract between user and BROOK’S become effective for the order from user at a point in time when BROOK’S transmitted an order confirmation e-mail.
But if necessary, there is the extra case that we will contact to user from BROOK’S customer service center (henceforth a "customer center") for the confirmation of payment, order contents, appointed date of delivery, etc. In that case, regardless of the above first previous para., the sales contract become effective at a point in time when the customer center tells the user BROOK’S consents the order.
(1) Please pay for the goods by the credit card. The credit card which can be accepted is two kinds, MasterCard and VISA. In addition, only the person -himself/herself - name credit card of the user is acceptable and usable.
(2) The acceptable manner of payment is only by the lump sum payment.
(3) It is necessary in use the credit card to input the classification of the credit card, the nominee name, the card number, and the term of validity.
(4) The price of the goods and the commission, etc. are paid by automatic withdrawal from the account that the user specifies according to the member rule of each credit card companies.
(5)Carriage Please acknowledge beforehand, we will refuse the order when the approval of the credit card use by credit card companies is not obtained.
Please pay the carriage displaying with each article/goods.
(1) The article which you order will be sent by delivery service by the delivery company whom BROOK’S appoints.
(2) Depending on an article, there is the time of delivery informed beforehand be changed, the appointed date of delivery be delayed and/or order be not accepted by the diversity of circumstances.
(3) The destination of the article will be limited to the countries and the areas which BROOK’S specifies.
(4) When an article was sent back to BROOK’S in long-term absence or blind address by lack of foresight, etc. return charge and the postage for the redistribution should be borne by the user.
(5) You are obliged to cover any import duty and /or any other charges which may differ according to by each country and value of articles. Please confirm on such detailed information to your local competent authorities.
7.The transfer of proprietary right
At a point in time when the payment of article price and carriage are completed by the withdrawal for the credit card by the credit card company which a user contracted, the proprietary right of the article of the order concerned shall move to a user from BROOK’S.
8.Change / Cancellation of the order
The change, the cancellation, etc. of the order of article after the effective sales contract can not accepted at all.
9.Exchange of the delivered goods.
(1) Exchange of the delivered goods. Although we have taken all possible measures about the check of the quality of goods, when goods have a flaw andor the breakage under delivery, please inform the customer center by e-mail within 10 days after goods arrival.
(2) Please understand that we cannot accept the exchange of the goods in following situation. The goods of a flaw or breakage produced by the reason that should not come to the fault or liability of BROOK’S The goods defect found when passed away more than 11 days without having any kind of communication after article arrival to user
10.The return of the goods
When the return of the article/goods was necessary by a preceding article of this statute, we perform such at the charge of BROOK’S. The details of address, etc. be informed separately to user.
11.Person for whom the others' acceptance is necessary for order of this service
Please order the article/goods who is less than 18 years old, with the prior obtaining of the agreement by his/her parents or the parental authority person.
12.Change of customer code and registration information
(1) User who needs to change by a predetermined method, promptly, when there is a change in the content already informed to BROOK’S such as name, address, telephone number, and mail address, etc.
(2) User who needs to perform management and use of the customer code and the password on his/her own responsibility.
(3) The user cannot do transfer or lending to the third party of his/her customer code and the password.
13.Personal information
(1) BROOK’S only uses the personal information which is gotten through from a user for the following purposes.
  1. The confirmation of the order of the article, claim of the price, payment
  2. Delivery of the goods / the present
  3. When BROOK'S contacts to user about an order and an inquiry
  4. The confirmation of the order of the article, claim of the price, payment
  5. Delivery of the goods / the present
  6. When BROOK'S contacts to user about an order and an inquiry
  7. The guidance of a handling article and an advantageous article of BROOK’S(*)
  8. Guidance such as a campaign, a questionnaire, the monitor recruitment(*)
  9. 6) The use as the statistics information in the form that cannot specify an individual
* When those guidances are unnecessary, user can stop at any time by the notice from a member/user.
(2) BROOK’S shall deal with personal information appropriately based on the "privacy policy" of BROOK’S which is set separately.
14.About dealings
(1) When user correspond to either of the following items, BROOK’S assumes the one that the restraint or the rejection of deal and the annulment of a contract can be done.
  1. In the case of the registration and the order by false report
  2. When the settlement by the credit card is not possible
  3. When the member has made to use or use it unjustly the customer code and a password. .
  4. When it cannot contact to user any more.
  5. When there is not the reply from the member for the an inquiry from BROOK’S.
  6. When it is against public order and morals, violate laws and ordinances, tied to a crime or it is a case with any of those fears.
  7. When it is infringing on copyright and the other intellectual property rights of BROOK’S and other person, slandering or impairs the reputation of whom, infringing on property and privacy of whom, disadvantageous profit is given to whom or when those fears exist.
  8. When BROOK’S judges that it is an order aimed for resale or its preparations of such.
  9. When BROOK’S judges that normal business is difficult.
  10. When it is interfering with administration of this service.
  11. When it is violating any item(s) of this agreement.
  12. In addition, when BROOK’S judges it to be inappropriate
(2) BROOK’S occasionally postpones shipping until it is clarified that there is no problem about the situation in the preceding any item(s) of such clause.
(3) Even if a disadvantage and the damage occurred to a user by having taken measures of the previous clause (2), BROOK’S shall not take any responsibility at all.
15.Discontinuation and Stop
(1) In the following case happens, BROOK’S may discontinue or stop this service herein without a preliminary announcement. Even if a disadvantage and damage occur to a user in that case, BROOK’S shall take no responsibility at all.
  1. A case by the inevitability such as act of God (e.g. a fire, an earthquake, a flood, etc.), a disturbance, terrorism, war, a labor dispute, an accident, an explosion, an epidemic(e.g. Influenza, etc.), other accidental accidents.
  2. When urgent maintenance check is necessary by web, on-line system troubles, etc.
  3. When service is not offered from a provider, etc.
  4. In addition, when there are unavoidable circumstances according to BROOK’S determinations.
(2) Brook’s shall not take responsibility for all for the damage except for the thing arose from about the sales contract among the damage of the user who occurred by the use of this service.
(1) We are with extreme caution to display correct article information by this service, but there is the case that a price is different from the real selling price by artificial mistakes. Please understand it, when a wrong price or the wrong information of the article related to a price was displayed on a site, after reporting the correct price from BROOK’S to the customer and confirming it, we will correspond by the method such as 'Order again newly' or 'The order will be canceled'.
(2) The content of this agreement for use and privacy policy might be changed by BROOK’S judgment, at its own discretion. In that case, it is assumed the one that the effect of the change has been caused when Brooks notifies the content of the change on the site regardless of the presence of realistic recognition of the user of such change concerned.
(3) The Japanese laws shall be applied on the approval, the effect, the implementation, and the interpretation of this agreement for use, etc.
(4) When a problem arises between a user and BROOK’S, it shall talk with both sincerity and this shall be solved amicably.
(5) In spite of the preceding clause(s), when not solving by settlement, the both parties of a user and BROOK’S designate Tokyo District Court as the exclusive competent mutual agreement jurisdiction court, and shall perform any procedures such as institution of a lawsuit, statement of mediation, etc.