Delivery areas
Please read here.
■General Information of the Delivery The goods is to be sent through International mail. The product may be delivered in your mailbox.
■Number of Delivery Days Delivery takes aruond 2-3 weeks from the date of application.
Payment restriction
■Payment restriction We accept the payment methods below.
Lump-sum payment only.
■Conversion rate We will claim the amount of goods and fee in Japanese Yen to the credit card company. Concerning the market conversion rate within the day, please inquire to the credit card company or Alipay in China.
Customs duty
Product/delivery fee will be charged in Japanese Yen to the credit card or payment company you chose.
As for an exchange rate and date, please inquire to each payment company.
Returning goods / Exchange
Please note that the change of the goods, the cancellation and the returns after the order due to the customer's convenience cannot be received or accepted.
Although we have taken all possible measures to protect the quality of goods, for packing and dispatch.However, if there is any point you think we should be aware of,please inform us by specifying the nature of defects and other product complaints within 10 days upon arrival of the goods.
Change of registration contents
If your account information has changed since your last application, please change at the time you place next application.
In this case, your order will be deliverd to your updated account information.
The inquiry concerning BROOK'S coffee Global Market is accepted only English or Japanese by e-mail. Thank you for your understanding.