Exploring new taste with BROOK'S
what is ”Drip bag Coffee”

European Blend Coffee

Our most favorite coffee from Brook's. Proudly recommend this coffee inspired from European prestigious Hotel.
Drip bag coffee is one of the trend of serving coffee from Japan, which enables you to make authentic coffee easily.
What you prepare for is just coffee cup and hot water.
Set drip bag coffee on your cup and pouring hot water , then you can smell a good aroma and have rich taste. It's time to change your taste to real coffee!
BROOK'S Dripbag Coffee,why is it so popular in japan?
A good 10g

A good 10g roast and grind coffee.
It's perfect amount for
a cup of delicious coffee. Experienced and cutting-edge
roasting technology

We have been producing
“Taste of Brook's” by
experienced skill and
cutting-edge computer
technology in our roasting factory.
Fresh taste anytime

Taste is fresh anytime
with aluminium bag.
Opening  it , you can smell
a good roast  aroma. Highly-reliable quality
from Japan

Quality control is our top
priority, which includes
all process from
procurement of raw material to
manufacture, distribution.
Easy to make

Cut off  Hook on  Pour  It soon becomes delicious
and authentic coffee.
what is ”Cantafe”

Sesame Cappuccino
'Coffee meets Matcha' made smooth and creamy new taste!
Our 3 in 1 drink series "Cantafé" is not like others.
You would be surprised that you can have this taste at your home.
It’s good for both hot and ice. Now let's start and make your room A little cafe rounge!
Taste it with either hot or ice.

Stir a bag of powder and 140ml of boiling water.

Put a bag of powder into a heat-resistant cup. Pour 50ml of boiling water to dissolve the powder, then cold 50ml of water and ice cubes.