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ME-BYO café 'be Well' (Food) and 'be Free' (Healing)

We select local seasonal ingredients from Western area of KANAGAWA to offer organic, vegan (vegetarian), gluten-free, and health-conscious menus under the concept of Me-Byo(a status between ‘health and sickness’).

We can offer healthy menus to indiviudal conditions and lifestyles.

At BROOK’S ME-BYO café, our focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle through ‘be Well (Food)’ and ‘be Active (Exercise)’ to achieve a ‘be Free (Healing)’, from Ooi town in KANAGAWA to Harajuku and out to the world.

ME-BYO café 'be Well' (Food) and 'be Free' (Healing)
ME-BYO café 'be Well' (Food) and 'be Free' (Healing)
ME-BYO café 'be Well' (Food) and 'be Free' (Healing)
ME-BYO café 'be Well' (Food) and 'be Free' (Healing)

News & Information

Café and Facility

Seats with Free Wi-Fi and Power Outlets

Available approx. 280 seats (including some power outlets) on the 1F/ B1F with free Wi-Fi. Ideal environment also for small business meeting and working space.


BROOK’S various tasty products are available for shopping ranging from coffee, tea, Japanese green tea, and health-related gifts.

Multilingual menu

Multilingual menu covers 6 different languages for customers from overseas.

Kids space

Family-friendly space with picture books and toys for small children is located on the B1F.


Various books are available at café library. Good selections for health, travel, and kids book categories.

DWC (Deep Water Culture)

Fresh green herbs will relax and soothe you. Hydroponically grown herbal plants create relaxing environment from inside café.

Western KANAGAWA Information

Free travel guides, area information, health related booklets introducing about 2-city and 8-town of the Western KANAGAWA prefecture.

Event Spaces & Venues

Rental space for private parties or business event venues. Please contact us for more details.

Workspace and Rental Rooms

Co-working space and rental rooms are available on 6th floor with the best view of Harajuku interesction. Easy access in heart of Tokyo enabling to host business meetings and seminars.

me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA”
me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA”

Be amazed and discover the excitement

Be amazed and discover the excitement BIOTOPIA me-byo valley
me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA”
me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA”
me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA”
me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA”

‘me-byo valley “BIOTOPIA” is the experiental facilty with essenses of ‘me-byo’ through foods, exercise, and healing.
The valley is located 55-minute from centre of Tokyo, on vast land at Ooi town in the west of KANAGAWA prefecture, surrounded by full of nature with the magnificent views of Mt. Fuji, Hakone, and Sagami Bay.
In BIOTOPIA, we have marché with fresh and healthy ingredients, restaurants and cafes focused on beauty and health, off-leash dog park, promenade for Forest Therapy, and more me-byo related facility and programs.
Visit our official website for more information.


BIOTOPIA me-byo valley HP