Acai & Berry Beauty Smoothie

Raspberry, banana, blueberry, apple, acai berry

Ginger & Mango Power Charge Smoothie

Mango, ginger, basil, goji berry, kiwi fruit, banana, lemon

Detox Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus, lemon, apple, blueberrie, kiwi fruit, cucumber

Veggie Amazake Smoothie

Super smoothie with nutritous Amazake, kale, Japanese mustard spinach, apple, kiwi fruit.


Selected Organic Uji Matcha Latte [HOT/ICED]

Rich aromatic Latte using 100% organic Uji matcha

Matcha Praline Latte [HOT/ICED]

Uji Matcha latte topped with matcha-flavoured almond praline sauce


[R]Regular/[L] Large *HOT beverages only available in Regular Size.

Hand Drip Organic Coffee [HOT]

Prepared carefully with nel drip and stainless steel filter

Drip Coffee [HOT/ICED]

Roasted in-house, flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee you can only get at BROOK'S ME-BYO café
[R] ¥400/[L] ¥440

Caffè Americano [HOT/ICED]

[R] ¥400/[L] ¥440

DRIPRESSO (Single/Double)

Full-bodied coffee made with dark Italian roast beans
[S] ¥300/[W] ¥350

Caffè Latte [HOT/ICED]

Standard Latte - thick DRIPRESSO with plenty of milk
[R] ¥420/[L] ¥460

Cappuccino [HOT]

Thick DRIPRESSO with plenty of frothy foamed milk
[R] ¥450/[L] ¥490

Caffè Mocha [HOT/ICED]

Rich DRIPRESSO with chocolate and plenty of milk
[R] ¥450/[L] ¥500

Decaffeinated Coffee [HOT]

Caffeine free

Iced Black Tea

[R] ¥420/[L] ¥460

Organic Black Tea [HOT]

Made with organic black tea from Japan. This tea has a mellow, rich and smooth taste.

Black Tea Latte [HOT/ICED]

Frothy, sweet Latte made from rich high quality Assam tea and milk
[R] ¥420/[L] ¥460

Cocoa Latte [HOT/ICED]

Tasty drink with rich flavour of cocoa
[R] ¥420/[L] ¥460

Organic Hojicha [HOT]

Hojicha with tea leaves roasted twice to enhance its flavour
[R] ¥430

Organic Sencha [HOT]

Green tea from Kagoshima with elegant astringency and mellow sweetness
[R] ¥430

Organic Herb Tea [HOT]

German Chamomile / Hibiscus / Lemongrass
Each ¥430

Brown Sugar Bubble Drink

Black Tea Latte / Cocoa Latte / Mango Milk / Strawberry Milk / Mango Juice / Caffè Latte / Caffè Mocha / Iced Black Tea
[R] ¥510/[L] ¥580

Create your own

Pasteurized milk / Low Fat Milk / Fat-free Milk / Organic Soy milk

Create your own [+50yen]

Almond Milk / Coconut Sugar Whipped Cream / Decaf. Coffee

Create your own [+250yen]

Soft serve ice cream

Sparkling Espresso MOKA INSTINCT

Sparkling espresso drink from Italy

Red Wine (Glass)

Red wine, dry like those commonly drunk in Italy. Fresh aroma, with a comforting aftertaste. Goes well with many kinds of food dishes.

White Wine (Glass)

White wine, dry, from the northern part of Italy. Fresh and fruity aroma, rich in minerals.



Hand Drip Organic Coffee

Bubble Drinks
Black Tea


Soft Ice Cream
Komeko Petit Madeleine with whipped cream

Vanilla Soft Ice Cream (Cone/Cup)

+Seasonal Fruit Sauce +30yen

Organic Uji Matcha Soft Serve Ice Cream (Cone/Cup)

Flavourful creamy Matcha soft serve ice cream using Matcha from Uji

Komeko Petit Madeleine with whipped cream


Additional topping: whipped cream and chocolate sauce - Half (5 pcs)


Additional topping: whipped cream and chocolate sauce (10 pcs)


Additional topping: Fresh fruit with whipped cream - Half (5 pcs)


Additional topping: Fresh fruit with whipped cream (10 pcs)


Komeko Chiffon Cake

Gluten-free chiffon cake made with 100% Komeko (rice flour)


Gluten free & Vegan BENTO (limited quantity)


Vegan Burger with homemade Tofu paté


Teriyaki Chicken, Marinated Carrot and Mizuna Sandwich


Rucola, Kale, Italian Ham, and Mozzarella Cheese Sandwich


Quiche with organic vegetables and bacon


Vegetable and Portini Pasta


Bacon and Seasonal Vegetable Pasta with Genovese Sauce

Gluten free & Vegan BENTO (limited quantity)
Smoothie and Sandwich

*All prices displayed are without tax.