Import regulations and prohibitions

Please note that prohibited and restricted items vary depending on the country.
For further details about the items prohibited and restricted in your country, please refer to the website of the customs office or make an inquiry.
Please take note that if the item you have ordered is confiscated by customs office we will not refund you.

The carrier for our products is Japan post and their affiliating national postal companies in each country.
Note that there are also restrictions on postal service according to destination country. Details are provided below for your reference.

Japan Post:

【Import restrictions examples】
●Saudi Arabia
Soy beans or any items made from soy are subjected to import restrictions, hence the following items and sets which include the following, may not be imported.

■1 item from Cantafé Series
①Soy Cafe

Certain dairy products are subjected to import restrictions, hence the following items and sets which include the following, may not be imported.

■6 items from the Cantafé Series
①Matcha Cappuccino
②Coffee Cappuccino
③Black Tea Latte
④Cocoa Latte
⑥Gold Sesame Cappuccino

Customs and other additional charges

Any additional charges such as custom duties, VATs and other commission fees are required to be paid by the recipient. The calculation for duties would differ upon each country, and would be calculated when the item is sent through the customs house. For certain countries, a value-added tax may also be charged apart from custom duties. Such rules and regulations may be complex, or may change over time, therefore please refer to your local customs office for details.

Shipping methods

●Express (EMS)
※Delivery days: approx. 4-10 days after shipping.
※Tracking service is available.

※Delivery days: approx. 6-12 days after shipping.
※Tracking service is available.

●Air no tracking
※Delivery days: approx. 10-21 days after shipping.
※Tracking service is not available. Handled similarly as letters and postcards.

You can track your order by entering the tracking number provided to you in the shipping confirmation mail.

* You will receive a shipping confirmation mail at your registered e-mail address once we have shipped your order out. Please contact customer support if you have not received it.
* The delivery dates are estimations. These dates may vary depending on the handling of the product during delivery. Please contact us after the delivery has exceeded the date range mentioned above.

BROOK’S Customer Support
Japanese, English, Korean:

Delivery areas

◎Brunei, China, Hong Kong, ◎India, Indonesia, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, ◎Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

◎Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, ◎Solomon Islands

The Middle East:
Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE

North America:

Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Estonia, Austria, Holland, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg, Switzerland

*The 5 countries with the “◎” mark has restrictions for EMS delivery. To deliver to these areas, please refer to the local delivery information.

Freight charge

Delivery fee depends on the ordered item, delivery method, and delivery area.
For more details, please check each item’s detailed description.

Handling of goods during recipient’s absence

Please contact your local post office.
Note that in the case the ordered item has been returned to us after exceeding the storage period at your local post office, we will not refund the payment made for that particular item.