About BROOK’S coffee Global Market

BROOK’S coffee Global Market(BROOK’S) is a Japanese coffee mail order company.
This website is created to deliver BROOK’S coffee to people in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. Please enjoy our genuine high quality coffees.

Recommended browser settings

To use this website safely and comfortably, we recommend the following browser settings.

Recommended browser
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OS: iOS 8.0 or later / Android OS 4.4 or later
Browser: Default browser (the latest version of the browser installed at the time of purchase)

Recommended settings
・TLS Enabled (without enabling TLS, orders may not be processed)

The following settings are necessary before placing an order:
・Cookies Enabled
・JavaScript Enabled
・Style Sheets Enabled

Logging in

Once you are registered with BROOK’S, you only need to type in your password each time you make a purchase.
When logging in, your customer code will automatically appear on the screen. If you are sharing the computer among several people, we recommend you to delete your customer code before leaving the website.
*This feature is turned on only if you use the same browser to access our website and the Cookie is enabled.

Use of cookies
BROOK’S may use cookies to identify customers (to automatically display the customer code).
A cookie is a small data file which will be placed by the web server on your hard disk.
Please check your browser settings to check whether your cookie settings are enabled or not.
If multiple users share a single device to log into our web page, the customer code of the last user who accessed the web page will be displayed.


Your registration requires you to set a password and a security question and answer (the password consists of a combination of 4 to 10 digits between letters and numbers).

■ Please note that the password you set is “case-sensitive” (upper-case letters and lower case letters are recognized separately).

■ If you have forgotten your password after your registration, you can still check your registered password by answering the security question. For your security question, please set a secure question only you can easily answer. If you have also forgotten the answer to your security question, please contact us via email.

Customer code and registered information

A customer code and a password are required to shop at our website.
Please register with us your name, address, email address etc. before you make a purchase.
*Your registered information (such as customer code and password) are important private information.
Please manage and keep the information securely after the registration.

A customer code will be issued to each registered individual at our website.
Each customer code is a 8 digit number, and will be notified to the registered user through the completion of registration page and registration confirmation email sent after your registration.

Your registered personal information will be kept securely under our privacy policy.
If the registered information turned out to be incorrect, it may result in failure to deliver the goods or the purchase confirmation email. Please make sure you enter the information correctly for your registration.

Change of registered information

If there have been changes in your name or address, please change as soon as you can the registered information through your personal My Page.
After the Registered Information changes have been processed by our system, the purchase will be automatically sent to the new registered address.

If by any chance it is necessary to change the Registered Information (name or address) after the purchase, please contact as soon as possible our Customer Service. Due to time difference, please contact us for changing the registered information after your purchase within the following time:

* Asia, Oceania: until 7am of the day after your purchase
* Europe, Middle East: the day of your purchase

BROOK’S Customer Support
Japanese, English, Korean: hk-support@brooks.co.jp
Chinese: cn-support@brooks.co.jp

Lucky 4 rules

What is ‘Lucky 4′?
‘Lucky 4′ is a weekly drawing event.
If your lottery numbers match the 4 digits Lucky Numbers, you will win a BROOK’S product.
This campaign is open to anyone.

How to join
All BROOK’S Newsletter subscribers are eligible to join.
First, subscribe to BROOK’S Newsletter → Subscribe here
Check the ‘Lucky 4′ section in our weekly Newsletter.
You will be eligible for winning from the day after you subscribed (based on JST).

Your lottery numbers
You can find your automatically issued lottery numbers in our weekly Newsletter. You can also check you lottery numbers and the weekly issued Lucky 4 numbers by logging in to our website, go on the TOP page and click on the ‘Lucky 4′ banner.
Any change to the received numbers is not allowed.

Lucky 4 Numbers
We will announce Lucky Numbers in the weekly Newsletter.
If your randomly chosen 4-digit numbers exactly match with it, you win a prize.

Report your win
If your lottery numbers match with the weekly Lucky 4 numbers, report your win to our customer center by e-mail: hk-support@brooks.co.jp within a week, otherwise your winning will be invalid.
You can check the details from the weekly Newsletter.

* If you are only a subscriber of our Newsletter, you will be required to register BROOK’S coffee Global Market when you report your winning.
* We deliver the prize to the areas BROOK’S coffee Global Market covers.
* You cannot use a different email address to report or register. Please use the one you receive our Newsletter.
* We will confirm the address by sending an email. Your claim will be invalid if we do not receive any reply.
* If there are any false statements, your winning may be invalid.
* The prize cannot be replaced or exchanged for cash.