Lucky 4

1)What is 'Lucky 4'?
'Lucky 4'is a weekly drawing event.
If your lottery numbers exactly match Lucky Numbers, 4 digits winning numbers, you will win a BROOK'S product.
This campaign is open to anyone.

2)How to join
All subscribers of BROOK'S Newsletter are eligible for joining 'Lucky 4'.
Let's subscribe BROOK'S Newsletter ->subscribe here
Check the "Lucky 4" section in our weekly Newsletter.
Your will be eligible for winning from the day after your subscribed day (based on JST).

3)Lottery numbers
You can find your lottery numbers in our weekly Newsletter.
Your lottery numbers are automatically issued. Please note that You can not select or change your numbers.

4)Lucky Numbers (winning numbers)
Lucky numbers will be announced by our weekly Newsletter.
If your lottery numbers exactly match Lucky numbers, You are the winner.

5)Report your win
Please report your win with this form if you win.
You must report your win within a week after Lucky Numbers announcement.
Please be informed that your win will be invalid after a week.
You can see the specific date in a Newsletter.

・If you are only a subscriber of our Newsletter, you will be required to register BROOK'S coffee Global Market when you report your win.
・We can send to the limited areas where are BROOK'S coffee Global Market service delivery areas.
・You cannot use a different E-mail address to report or register. Please use the one receiving our Newsletter.
・After receiving your win report, the confirmation mail will be sent to your replied e-mail. Please make sure to response this e-mail, otherwise your win may be invalid.
・If there are any false statements in your registration information, your win may be invalid.
・The prizes cannot be replaced or exchanged for cash.