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Crunchy Brown Rice Stick 4 Assort Set

Matches perfectly with beer and wine!

4 pieces 2,500JPY~

3 types of natural crackers

Not only delicious! But you can enjoy 3 types of crackers


3 Assorted Chia Seed Jelly

Used Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica) from Bolivia

3 bags  2,180JPY~

Shio-koji Doughnuts

Soft and moist. Try the new fusion of classic doughnuts with shio-koji.

8 pieces 1,410JPY~

OUGON NO KINAKODAIZU - Goldish Kinako Soybeans

A protein rich natural snack with kinako and soybeans.

185g 1,380JPY~

B-JELLY 7pcs

The beauty support for busy people!

140g (20 g X 7 sticks) 980JPY~

B-JELLY 30pcs

The beauty support for busy people!

600g (20 g X 30 sticks) 3,980JPY~