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Sencha with Uji Matcha (Tea Bag)+Low-carb Warabi Mochi 2 Assort Set

Enjoy tea and sweets with zero guilt!


Japanese healthy snacks tasting set

A selection of healthy Japanese snacks!


Crunchy Brown Rice Stick 4 Assort Set

Matches perfectly with beer and wine!

4 pieces (60g x4 varieties) 2,570JPY~

3 types of natural crackers

Not only delicious! 3 crackers assort set

3 boxes 1,970JPY~

Tasty Soybeans 3 Assort Set

Tasty Soybean series in 1 set!

120g x3pcs 3,180JPY~

BIOTOPIA stretchy masks made in Japan  2 boxes

Buy 2 sets and save 1940JPY!

50 pieces per box x2 2,980JPY~