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NEW Cold Brew Coffee (Sugar-free)
◆Seasonal◆Just 3-hour cold brewing in the fridge for delicious iced coffee.

NEW Cold Brew Coffee (Sugar-free)

NEW Cold Brew Coffee (Sugar-free)NEW Cold Brew Coffee (Sugar-free)

Total PriceJPY 2,650(Approx 133 元)
PriceJPY2,250(Approx 113 元)
Delivery charge JPY 1,450JPY 400(Approx 20 元)

Delivery options would change depending on the country.
Delivery days Approx 4-10days

Contents:14g/pc.x22 bags (308g) Quantity
Product Code:54-2113
Contents:14g/pc.x22 bags (308g)
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)
Best before : One year from the date of production

Product Information

BROOK'S Cold Brew Coffee:How to make a delicious cold-brewed coffee?


*Do not use a pointed tool when you remove the coffee bag, or the bag may be torn and the ground coffee may spill out.

* Store brewed coffee in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.

* Use a wide-mouthed pitcher with a lid when brewing.

*After opening, seal the package tightly and use the bags as early as possible.