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Coffee Petite Gift Box
For a small gift set of coffee to someone special!

Coffee Petite Gift Box

Coffee Petite Gift BoxCoffee Petite Gift BoxCoffee Petite Gift Box

Total PriceJPY 2,580(Approx 160 元)
PriceJPY2,580(Approx 160 元)
Delivery charge JPY 1,080JPY 0(Approx 0 元)

Delivery options would change depending on the country.
Delivery days Approx 6-12days

Contents:22pcs Quantity
【Set Contents】5 kinds 22pcs

・Mocha 100% Coffee X5pcs
・European Blend Coffee X5pcs
・Kenya AA 100% Coffee X5pcs
・Bali 100% Coffee X5pcs
・Blue Mountain Blend Coffee X2pcs
Product Code:54-4105
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)
Best before : One year from the date of production.

Product Information

Our carefully selected, assortment of 3 gourmet and 2 popular drip bag coffees.