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A simple way to make Japanese dashi stock.

[KOSYUEN]  Dashi stock pack

[KOSYUEN]  Dashi stock pack[KOSYUEN]  Dashi stock pack

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Contents:300g Quantity
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Product Code:54-7002
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Best before : one year from production.

Product Information

Ingredients: dried bonito, dried sardines, dried kelp, dried shiitake mushrooms.
All the ingredients are produced in Japan.

Make rich and savory stock!

They are just like teabags: put the dashi pack in a pot and make authentic Japanese dashi in no time!
The packs are specially made by traditional Japanese handmade paper, WASHI, so you can enjoy a clear stock without scum.

Use 400 cc of water per 1pack.
When the water boils, put the pack in and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove the pack and your dashi is ready! (no seasoning added)

*Using only natural ingredients contribute to create a rich and intense dashi stock.
*You can also open the packet and use it as seasoning.