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Recommended for dishes cooked in dashi with delicate and rich umami flavour.

Ma-Kombu Value Pack

Ma-Kombu Value PackMa-Kombu Value PackMa-Kombu Value Pack

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Contents:150g Quantity
Ingredient: Kombu (Origin: Donan Hokkaido)
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.
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Product Code:54-7007
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)JPY 1,410(Approx 91.7 元)

Product Information

Ma-Kombu is harvested in Donan, the south part of Hokkaido, around Hakodate city.
This thick wide Kombu with elegant sweetness produces clear dashi.
It is also used to made Shio Kombu (cut into squares or thin strips and boiled to be seasoned) or Oboro Kombu (pickled and thinly shaved).
For its thickness is suitable for stewing.

Preparing dashi
It is recommend to use 1 litre of water for 15 cm Konbu.

Wipe both sides of Kombu with a dry cloth.
Soak Kombu in the pot until it simmer (about 30 minutes). Remove the Kombu just before boiling.
Then, add a handful of bonito flakes. When water boils, take it out immediately.