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Kombu, used to make savoury stock, is also delicious when softened by simmering

[First-Grade]Hidaka Kombu

[First-Grade]Hidaka Kombu[First-Grade]Hidaka Kombu[First-Grade]Hidaka Kombu

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Product Information

Hidaka Kombu is harvested in the Hidaka coast, Hokkaido.
Hidaka Kombu, grown in the wild Pacific Ocean, is used with other seasonings to prepare dashi, or softened by simmering in water.
The Urakawa region in Hokkaido, with rocky shoals, is a major harvesting area of high quality Kombu.
Enriched nutrients brought through the river in the Hidaka Mountains pasture flow into the ocean, provide the Hidaka Kombu intense flavour.
Kombu, harvested from August to September, is laid out to dry in the sun.
Hidaka Kombu is used mainly in Tohoku and Kanto area, and goes well with Japanese traditional seasonings such as Miso and Shoyu(soy sauce).

Preparation of dashi:
1) Rinse Kombu lightly.
2) Soak Kombu in a pot for more than 30 minutes, then bring to a simmer.
3) Just before the water boils, remove the Kombu.
4) Add the dried bonito flakes to boil for 1 minute. Strain the dashi.
The finely stripped leftover Kombu, if stewed, will enhance a delicate texture.