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Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g (64-4498)
Healthy & easy-to-prepare soba for lunches and dinners!

Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g (64-4498)

Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g (64-4498)Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g (64-4498)Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g (64-4498)

Total PriceJPY 1,029(Approx 66 元)
PriceJPY149(Approx 9 元)
Delivery charge JPY 880(Approx 57 元)

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Delivery days Approx 6-12days

Contents:200g Quantity
Ingredients: Buckwheat flour, Wheat flour, Yam flour, Wheat Protein.
Nutritional Facts (per 100g of dried noodles):
Energy 364kcal
Protein 10.4g
Fat 1.8g
Carbohydrate 73.2g
Sodium 0g (estimated value)

Product Code:54-7035
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)
Best before : One year after production

Product Information

Shiroishi Sarashina Soba 200g can be used for 2 servings (100g each).
Boil for 5 minutes, drain them in the strainer and wash with cold water.
"Sarashina" is white soba, made with soba flour with buckwheat hulls removed. It is made with 50% of buckwheat flour. Yam is mixed into it as a "tie" to give the soba a smooth texture. Since it doesn't contain salt, you can also enjoy drinking the "Sobayu", the hot water used to boil the soba. The sobayu is full of rutin, a type of polyphenol, that melts in the boiled soba water, is perfect for those who pay attention to health. You can enjoy sobayu as it is, or by mixing it to the dipping sauce or soba soup when eating soba.

Cold with sobatsuyu (a dipping sauce for soba) garnished with scallion, wasabi and others.
Hot with the vegetables you prefer added to the hot soba soup.
You can also enjoy soba as fresh salad, mixing it with mayonnaise and vegetables, or as pasta with cream sauce, or even as soup. Fry it and enjoy it as a snack!

Allergen information: Contains buckweat, wheat, yam
※This product was manufactured in a facility that also processes products containing soy.
Once opened, consume as soon as possible. When stored for a few days after opening, put in an airtight container to keep away humidity.
When cooking, be careful not to burn yourself with hot water.

Cooking instructions:

① Put the noodles in boiling water (1L of water per 100g) and boil for 5 minutes. Adapt the boiling time to your personal taste of noodle's hardness.
② Drain the soba in a strainer and wash thoroughly.

How to serve:

① Cold: serve them cold as zaru soba with dipping sauce.
② Hot: warm them up in boiling water and serve in a hot soba soup.