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Dried Ginger with Sugar and Amazake
Candied ginger with sweet amazake (fermented rice drink)

Dried Ginger with Sugar and Amazake

Dried Ginger with Sugar and Amazake

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Contents:180g Quantity
Ingredients: ginger, sugar, amazake powder, sakekasu powder, trehalose, modified starch, acidulant, flavouring, stabilizer (xanthan gum), sweetener (aspartame L‐phenylalanine compound).

*This item can not be delivered to China, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Belgium, Portugal.
(due to import regulations of aforementioned country).

Product Code:54-8013
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Product Information

Candied ginger with amazake flavour.
Spicy ginger with sweet amazake and sake kasu (sake lees) powder, yet you can enjoy the mild taste of amazake.
Natural ingredients that perfectly match with Japanese green tea.
*Amazake and sake kasu (lees) are fermented rice with koji (malt).

●Made in a factory that uses flour, buckwheat, eggs, dairy products, peanuts, shrimps, crabs
●This products contains 0.03% alcohol of sakekasu (sake lees).
●This product is not for young children, pregnant women and drivers as it contains sake lees (0.03% alcohol).
●Please check carefully the product label before consuming. The package design and label information may differ from the one on our website due to manufacturer's revision.