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Cantafé Coffee Cappuccino 40pcs
Added Coffee Polyphenol to authentic cappuccino produced by coffee connoisseurs

Cantafé Coffee Cappuccino 40pcs

Cantafé Coffee Cappuccino 40pcsCantafé Coffee Cappuccino 40pcsCantafé Coffee Cappuccino 40pcs

Total PriceJPY 2,890(Approx 170 元)
PriceJPY2,500(Approx 147 元)
Delivery charge JPY 1,290JPY 390(Approx 23 元)

Delivery options would change depending on the country.
Delivery days Approx 10-21days

Contents:40pcs Quantity
*This item can not be delivered to Australia
(due to import regulations of aforementioned country).

*Standard delivery is only available for certain areas.
Product Code:54-5028
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)JPY 72(Approx 4.3 元)
Best before : One year from the date of production

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