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 New Drip Coffee Value Set

coffee set including 2 gourmet coffees!

106pcs 7,130JPY~

3 Flavoured Assortment Coffee Set

From the moment you open the bag, you will be filled with the scent of happiness♪

60pcs 5,505JPY~

DRIPRESSO 4 Assort Set (Coffee)

Enjoy espresso roast in easy-to-make drip bag!

63pcs 5,505JPY~

Cold Brew Coffee (Sugar-free)

◆Seasonal◆Just 3-hour cold brewing in the fridge for delicious iced coffee.

14g/pc.x22 bags (308g) 3,040JPY~

Cantafe Matcha & Green Plum 30pcs (Instant Drink)

The new product is released in the Cantafé series!

30pcs 4,802JPY~