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BROOK'S coffee safety and security
The making process of our delicious coffee.
Coffee Producer

Selection and
Cup Tasters,
evaluate all coffees

Green coffee beans are graded in a strict criteria such as “on how to purify”, “ the size of the coffee beans”, and “ elevation of the field ”. Each green coffee bean is strictly controlled with quality approval in every producing country.
We have strictly established a trust relationship with the coffee producers and exporters who already achieved coffee business. Through daily close communication and collaboration with them, we can get to import and purchase stable and high-quality beans.

With the raw coffee beans bought, we obtain a pre-shipment sample and make all evaluations from our taster's taste of the cup (known as cup test). Then, examine the element level of aroma, acidity, bitterness, and richness. Other drawbacks such as the presence or absence of unusual odor or taste are carefully monitored if it meets the stringent quality criteria of the company. At the same time, inspects the safety and security analysis in their center.
Only raw coffee beans that have passed all necessary tests are exported from the locality, and so as to be a stock on our factory.

Our factory

A Thorough Quality Control
Thru inspection system

Green coffee beans that have qualified from the testing process will be transported from the farm to the factory directly with a dedicated container from producing countries. In the factory, we can understand all processes on the computer. On the basis of strict quality control, it enables us not to miss the removing foreign substance but to choose only the high quality raw beans.

Integration of Roasting Specialist & the high precision roaster made the taste to suit the bean's character.

To determine the accurate taste is an important step.
The roasted beans bring out the flavor and body according to the individuality of the coffee. The experienced roasting specialist and the high precision roasting machine make it possible to control the heat per 1 degree Celsius, to produce the good taste out of carefully selected raw beans.

“10g = 1cup” Why a long lasting taste?

It is quickly processed from roasting to packaging in order to prevent oxidation and so as not to miss the desired taste.
In addition, the aluminum bag is used for the package as the material which keeps the flavor of freshly roasted coffee. It is filled with nitrogen. These delicate processes enabled us to keep the good taste of coffee.

Inspection and
Analysis Center for Food Safety

In order to keep up the safeness and secureness of the raw materials and finished products, BROOK'S possess the cutting-edge inspection equipment and with the expertise of its staff to organize the inspection system.

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