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BROOK'S products are very highly rated. We have been awarded the MVP in the Beverages Category on Rakuten. Awarded in Dec 2011! Awarded in Oct 2012! In 2013, BROOK'S emerged as the No.1 Drip Bag Coffee in a contest held by the Taiwanese Newspaper 'Apple Daily'. In 2015, KOSYUEN Japanese tea won the 3rd place in a food contest held by a French exhibition: Salon Saveurs. In 2016, KOSYUEN Nukabijin was nominated in the 'SIAL Innovation' contest held by the world famous SIAL food exhibition. In 2016, KOSYUEN Sencha with Uji Matcha won the 'Timeless Classics' award in the contest held by  the French food exhibition, Salon Saveurs.
BROOK'S coffee Global Market
Company Timeline

1957 Inauguration of "Kosyuen" in Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
1968 "Kosyuen Co., Ltd." is incorporated by "BROOK'S Co., Ltd."
  Takeshige Ogawa becomes the President of the Group
1983 Launching of the first Mail-Order Service of regular coffee in Japan
1991 Establishment of the associated companies
1993 Separation of "BROOK'S" mail - order department from "Kosyuen" and introduction of e-commerce
1995 Completion of "Coffee Roasting Factory"
1999 Completion of the Head Office Building "BROOK'S Building"
  Launching of the drip bag coffee
  Started nationwide distribution in Japan
2004 Completion of "BROOK'S Nakai Logistics Center"
2008 40th Anniversary of "BROOK'S Group"
  Establishment of "Taiwan BROOK'S"
  Launching of the OMP (Overseas Mailorder Project) service to 21 countries of Asia, Oceania and Middle East
2010 Launching of "Cantafé" series
2012 Establishment of "Oi Campus"
  Opening of factory-direct sales "BROOK'S Shop & Café"
2013 Expansion of delivery area to Europe
  Obtainment of ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000 certification for the production of regular coffee
  Opening of the first overseas store in "Taipei 101", Taiwan (until 2014)
2014 Opening of "BROOK'S green café" in Harajuku, Tokyo
  Relocation of Taiwan shop in Eslite Xinyi Building
2015 Opening of "Japanese Café -KOSYUEN-" in Paris, France
  KOSYUEN Japanese tea won the 3rd place in a food contest held by a French exhibition: Salon Saveurs.
2016 Opening of "BROOK'S CAFÉ Hong Kong" in Hong Kong
BROOK'S coffee Global Market

Company Overview

Distributor BROOK'S Co., Ltd.
Address 4-54-6 Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan