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 Special Value Set (Coffee)

Good value set with our new India 100% Coffee

121 pieces 5,980JPY~

Gourmet Coffee Tasting Set

NEW! Enjoy a luxurious Coffee Time!

60 pieces 4,350JPY~

Happy Daily Set(Coffee)

10 kinds of exclusive brand & gourmet coffees

52pcs 3,200JPY~

Dark Roast Coffee 3 Assort Set

Just for dark roasted coffee lovers.

63pcs 4,270JPY~

European Blend Coffee 90pcs

Authentic body and aroma. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

90pcs 3,375JPY~

DRIPRESSO 4 Assort Set (Coffee)

Enjoy espresso roast in easy-to-make drip bag!

80 pieces 5,555JPY~

Cantafe Tasting Set (Instant Drink)

For your first tasting!Enjoy 4 different popular flavours

60pcs 4,500JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Sencha (Tea Bag) 4 Assort Set 90pcs

Limited time offer - 4 luxurious sencha!

90pcs 4,880JPY~

Japanese Tea 4 Assort Set

Carefully selected 4 varieties of Japanese green tea.


Japanese healthy snacks tasting set

A selection of healthy Japanese snacks!