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Happy Daily Set(Coffee)

10 kinds of exclusive brand & gourmet coffees

52pcs 3,200JPY~

New  Special Value Set (Coffee)

Good value set with our new India 100% Coffee

121 pieces 5,980JPY~

Coffee Mania (Dark Roast) 60pcs

Dark roasted coffee with deep body and rich aroma

60pcs 3,480JPY~

Gourmet Coffee Tasting Set

NEW! Enjoy a luxurious Coffee Time!

60 pieces 4,350JPY~

European Blend Coffee 90pcs

Authentic body and aroma. Your satisfaction guaranteed.

90pcs 3,375JPY~

Dark Roast Coffee 3 Assort Set

Just for dark roasted coffee lovers.

63pcs 4,270JPY~

 [KOSYUEN] Sencha Chadoraku (Red)(Green Tea) 100g x 2pcs

Carefully processed to bring out a full-bodied flavour with umami and sweetness

100g x 2pcs 2,400JPY~

Blue Mountain Blend Coffee 15pcs

World-acclaimed high quality coffee

15pcs 1,800JPY~

Cantafe Matcha Cappuccino 100pcs (Instant Drink)

Matcha Green Tea Cappuccino!

100pcs 5,200JPY~

Decaffeinated Coffee 70pcs

Over 97% of caffeine removed. Mild but satisfying.

70pcs 3,500JPY~