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Happy Daily Set+2 Assort Japanese Snacks Set

Selected snacks that suit with coffee


3 Assorted Selective Japanese Food Set

Selected 3 popular food products in Japan


Nuka Bijin Rice Bran Powder for Pickles

Just 90 min to enjoy Japanese Nukazuke pickles. Quick, easy and fuss-free!

175g 840JPY~

Nuka Bijin Rice Bran Powder for Pickles Individual Bags

Just 90 min! Quick, easy and fuss-free pickled Nukazuke! Indivudual bags!

25g x 7bags 700JPY~

3 Assorted Bean Snacks

Try the unique crispy bean snacks. It is perfect with tea, coffee, and beer!


Shonan Sweets

Assort of 3 sweets from Shonan, Kanagawa, a popular spot among foreign visitors


Shio-koji Doughnuts

Soft and moist. Try the new fusion of classic doughnuts with shio-koji.

8 pieces 1,410JPY~

OUGON NO KINAKODAIZU - Goldish Kinako Soybeans

A protein rich natural snack with kinako and soybeans.

185g 1,380JPY~

B-JELLY 7pcs

The beauty support for busy people!

140g (20 g X 7 sticks) 980JPY~

B-JELLY 30pcs

The beauty support for busy people!

600g (20 g X 30 sticks) 3,980JPY~