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CAFE SUPPLI GABA 15pcs(Coffee)
GABA helping to good night sleep and good awaking

CAFE SUPPLI GABA 15pcs(Coffee)

CAFE SUPPLI GABA 15pcs(Coffee)CAFE SUPPLI GABA 15pcs(Coffee)CAFE SUPPLI GABA 15pcs(Coffee)

Total PriceJPY 5,670(Approx 263 元)
PriceJPY5,670(Approx 263 元)
Delivery charge JPY 1,110JPY 0(Approx 0 元)

Delivery options would change depending on the country.
Delivery days Approx 6-12days

Contents:15pcs Quantity
Product Code:54-2200
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)
Coffee beans : Brazil, Colombia
Best before : One year from the date of production

Product Information

【Precautions for intake】
Follow the suggested use of daily intake. Take 1 pc (10g) 1 time daily.
This product is not intended to cure disease or improve better health by taking high doses.
If you are taking antihypertensive medication, consult your physician or pharmacist.
Dietary balance is recommended to be based on staple meal, main dish, and side dishes.
This product is not the Foods for Specified Health Uses, or the individual review has not been evaluated by the Secretary-Generalof the Consumer Affairs Agency.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent any disease.