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Happy Cantafe Set (Instant Drink)

Enjoy 5 different popular flavours!

56pcs 4,530JPY~

Cantafe Matcha Cappuccino 40pcs (Instant Drink)

Japan’s popular drink! Great combination of Matcha and milk.

40pcs 2,500JPY~

Cantafe Matcha Cappuccino 100pcs (Instant Drink)

Matcha Green Tea Cappuccino!

100pcs 5,200JPY~

Cantafe Black Tea Latte 40pcs (Instant Drink)

"Black Tea Latte", made with 100% excellent Assam tea leaves

40pcs 2,500JPY~

Cantafe Coffee Cappuccino 40pcs (Instant Drink)

Rich body and thick creamy froth.

40pcs 2,500JPY~

Cantafe Cocoa Latte 40pcs (Instant Drink)

New enriched Cocoa Latte with CALCIUM!


Cantafe Japanesque 40pcs (Instant Drink)

Creamy Matcha and Coffee blend Cappuccino!

40pcs 2,500JPY~

Cantafe Sesame Cappuccino 40pcs (Instant Drink)

Flavorful and nutritious, all the benefits of sesame in one cup.

40pcs 2,500JPY~

Cantafe Soy Cafe  40pcs (Instant Drink)

A sweet combination of Coffee + Soy Milk!

40pcs 2,500JPY~

Cantafe Matcha & Lemon 30pcs (Instant Drink)

Refreshing taste of Matcha and Lemon.

30pcs 2,500JPY~