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Happy Daily Set+Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino
Great Value! Highly-selected coffee & world-admiring Matcha flavoured Cantafé♪

Happy Daily Set+Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino

Happy Daily Set+Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino Happy Daily Set+Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino Happy Daily Set+Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino

Total PriceJPY 4,480(Approx 276 元)
PriceJPY4,480(Approx 276 元)
Delivery charge JPY 1,610JPY 0(Approx 0 元)

Delivery options would change depending on the country.
Delivery days Approx 10-21days

Contents:82pcs Quantity
【Set contents】
Total: 82 pcs
Mocha Blend Coffee 15 pcs.
European Blend Coffee 15 pcs.
Royal Blend Coffee 15 pcs.
Guatemala 100% Coffee 15 pcs.
Bali 100% Coffee 1 pc.
Blue Mountain Blend Coffee 1 pc.
Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino 20 pcs.
Product Code:54-4064
Price/Piece (Incl. Shipping)JPY 55(Approx 3.4 元)
Best before : One year after production

Product InformationProduct Information

You can taste 4 varieties of drip bag coffee from BROOK’S, sought-after coffee among coffee lovers.

Includes one bag each of "Bali 100% Coffee" and "Blue Mountain Blend" from our gourmet brand, and also Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino flavoured with world-popular Matcha.
The finest 100% Uji Matcha brings out rich, full flavour naturally gifted in the perfect tea-growning region.
Just by adding hot water, you can enjoy a creamy froth!

・Mocha Blend Coffee 15 pcs.
Pleasant acidity and well-balanced mellow flavour of Mocha.
・European Blend Coffee 15 pcs.
Deep, rich bitterness with an elegant aroma.
・Royal Blend Coffee 15 pcs.
Smooth, body and delicate tangy aftertaste. Clear, mild coffee.
・Guatemala 100% Coffee 15 pcs.
Subtle sweet aroma and mild bitterness with pleasant acidity.
・Bali 100% Coffee 1 pc.
Deep refined bitterness and rich body capture your taste buds.
・Blue Mountain Blend Coffee 1 pc.
An exquisite balance of acidity, body and bitterness.
・Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino 20 pcs.
Finished with flavourful Matcha and frothy creaminess.