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Drip Bag Coffee

Drip Bag Coffee Starter Pack

【FREE SHIPPING】The best choice for your first tasting!

7pcs 600JPY~

Trial Sample European&Cantafe Matcha Cappuccino

Available for just the shipping cost 150 JPY

2pcs 0JPY~

Trial Sample European&Dripresso Italian Roast

Just pay shipping cost of 150JPY!

2pcs 0JPY~

Find-your-favourite Coffee

Find coffee from around the world brewed in Japanese style

14pcs 1,500JPY~

Find-your-favourite Coffee 2+1

Get three sets (total 42 pcs) for the amount of two (28 pcs)!

42pcs 3,000JPY~


Discover the exclusive taste of BROOK’S coffee on our 50th anniversary!

121 pieces 5,700JPY~


Enjoy Myanmar 100% and Blue Mountain Blend from BROOK'S gourmet coffee series!

105pcs 5,700JPY~


Rainbow set of seven different varieties including our top 3 best sellers.

52 pieces 2,980JPY~


BROOK’S Rainbow Set PLUS your favourite matcha drink, Cantafé Matcha Cappuccino!



Special set featuring 10 varieties of drip bag coffee PLUS Sencha Loose Leaf Tea♪

52 pieces+100g 3,980JPY~


A luxurious gift set of 3 flavours with unique aroma from peaceful paradises.

30pcs 4,500JPY~


Special set containing 3 brands of premium roast coffee.

30pcs 7,500JPY~

Gourmet Coffee Gift Box

Exclusive set of high-grade gourmet coffee from around the world

48 pcs 6,400JPY~