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Drip Bag Coffee

Mid-Autumn Festival Set(Tea Bag and Coffee)

For relaxing Autumn nights, give this special gift box of coffee and tea!

20 pieces 2,480JPY~

Special Value Set(Coffee)

9 popular brands with varieties of 121 bags in total!

121 pieces 5,980JPY~

3 Flavor Assortment Coffee Set

From the moment you open the bag, you will be filled with the scent of happiness♪ Enjoy your coffee time with bliss!

60 pieces 5,300JPY~

Coffee Petite Gift Box

For a small gift set of coffee to someone special!

22pcs 2,580JPY~

Coffee Petite Gift Box X2 sets

Buy 2 sets and save 460JPY!

44pcs 4,700JPY~

Coffee Petite Gift Box X3sets

Buy 3 sets and save 1100JPY

66pcs 6,640JPY~