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Japanese Green Tea

Tobicha(Powdered Green Tea) 15pcs

Tasty and blood glucose control!

6.7gx15pcs 2,250JPY~

[KOSYUEN] JAS Organic Sencha with Uji Matcha 30pcs(Tea Bag)

We proudly recommend this Japanese green tea.

30pcs 1,200JPY~

[KOSYUEN] JAS Organic Sencha with Uji Matcha  60pcs(Tea Bag)

We proudly recommend this Japanese green tea

60pcs 2,400JPY~

[KOSYUEN] JAS Organic Sencha with Fuji Matcha 30pcs (Tea Bag)

Blended Sencha with Fuji Matcha, refreshing bitterness and fragrant aftertaste

30pcs 1,200JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Sencha with Gyokuro 30pcs(Tea Bag)

Experience the mellow sweetness of Gyokuro

30pcs 1,200JPY~

Low caffeine Sencha(Tea Bag)40pcs

More than 50% of caffeine reduced.

40pcs 1,200JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Hojicha(Tea Bag)40pcs

A mouthfeel of pleasant, refined, sweet aroma.

40pcs 760JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Genmaicha with Matcha (Tea Bag/Value Pack 150g)

Flavourful blend of Matcha and Genmaicha with roasted aroma and clear aftertaste

Tea Bag/Value Pack 150g 1,000JPY~

 [KOSYUEN] Sencha Chadoraku (Red)(Green Tea) 100g x 2pcs

Carefully processed to bring out a full-bodied flavour with umami and sweetness

100g x 2pcs 2,400JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Sencha(Green Tea)

Elegant taste with bitterness and mellow sweetness

100g 1,800JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Hojicha (Green Tea)

A distinct rich aroma and a refreshing sweet flavour

100g 960JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Genmaicha (Green Tea)

Wonderful blend of roasted Genmai and bitter Sencha

120g 1,200JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Hanamomiji Genmaicha with Matcha (Tin) 100g(Green Tea)

Unique aroma of Genmaicha with Matcha

100gx1Tin 500JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Sencha Chadoraku (Tin) 100g (Green Tea)

Well-balanced astringency & strong aroma

100gx1Tin 1,500JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Uji Matcha 30g (Green Tea)

High quality, certified organic stone-ground Uji Matcha.

30g 1,815JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Fuji Matcha 30g (Green Tea)

Rare 100% certified organic Matcha from Shizuoka

30g 2,300JPY~