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Japanese Green Tea

Cold Brew Sencha with Uji Matcha

Added 100% aromatic Uji Matcha. Enjoy its fresh, smooth taste of cold-brew♪

150g (5g) 1,683JPY~

Cold Brew Sencha with Uji Matcha Double Set

◆Seasonal limited◆ Get a double set!

Sencha: 150g (5g) x2pcs 2,880JPY~

Cold Brew Coffee & Sencha with Uji Matcha Set

◆Seasonal limited◆ Cold Brew Coffee & Sencha Set!

Coffee: 336 (28gx12) Sencha: 150g(5g) 3,203JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Seasonal Sencha  (Tea Bag) 4 Assort Set 90pcs

{Limited time offer} Assortment of 4 Premium Sencha including seasonal tea.
Spring Sale Price

90 pcs