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Japanese Green Tea【重要】現在、お茶商品の個包装・大袋商品につきまして遅延および欠品しております。詳細はこちらをご覧ください。


NEW YEAR'S SPECIALITY! Deluxe and popular items! 36%OFF

73 pieces + 100g 5,000JPY~


Special set featuring 10 varieties of drip bag coffee PLUS Sencha Loose Leaf Tea♪

52 pieces+100g 3,980JPY~

 [KOSYUEN] Sencha Chadoraku (Red) 100g x 2pcs

Carefully processed to bring out a full-bodied flavour with umami and sweetness

100g 2,400JPY~

[KOSYUEN] Sencha

Elegant taste with bitterness and mellow sweetness

100g 1,800JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Hojicha

A distinct rich aroma and a refreshing sweet flavour

100g 960JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Genmaicha

Wonderful blend of roasted Genmai and bitter Sencha

120g 1,200JPY~

[KOSYUEN]  Japanese tea 3 Assort

A trio of highly selected Japanese tea

3pcs 3,960JPY~